Data Center Management Dashboards

Data Center Management Dashboards

DGLogik, Inc. is continuing to strive to provide its customers with innovative solutions for building automation systems. Custom built to aid operators, we help thousands of users tackle their energy expenditure, increase operational efficiency and optimize financial performance by integrating all of the systems into one common interface using the award winning visualization platform, DGLux. The platform offers all of the tools needed to build impressive dashboards and interfaces without ever writing a line of code. This advanced functionality is revolutionizing the datacenter space.

A data center is a fundamental part of any IT infrastructure. As the amount of users, devices and connections increase in the datacenters, DGLux strives to provide the optimal efficiency. It empowers facility managers with tools to monitor and control the heat distribution between the racks, for optimum allocation of cooling resources and heat loads. True-to-life floor plan and controllable live heat map analysis offers the advantage of identifying any hot or cold spots inside the datacenter and quickly eliminate potential threats.

With important KPIs such as PUE, DCIE gauges and cost per hour available on your dashboards, improving your datacenter infrastructure efficiency becomes easier. Additionally, the utilization of QR codes allows facility managers to tag equipment and easily navigate through its geographic location using a mobile device enabled with a QR code reader. Managers can easily scan the codes to retrieve any specific rack’s trending real-time and historic performance using the DGLux Mobile app.

DGLux has simplified the monitoring process through a visually stunning interface operating on any web, desktop or mobile device. It allows datacenter management teams to exploit the mobile application on tablets to swiftly detect, pinpoint the location of, and make well informed choices on how to address problems. The intuitive controls of the visualization platform allows administrators to monitor and analyze power data by server, rack, row, or room, UPS, PDU, DCIE or operation of the chilled water system.

Additionally, a one-of-a-kind featured called the “Time Machine” available only in DGLux (essentially a DVR for data) grants facility operators the power to view trends on any selected point. For instance, managers can mine historical data on each temperature sensor on a rack that was recorded over the date range they selected to analyze. It provides management with unlimited tools to achieve optimal efficiency and cost effectiveness of their centers.

DGLux monitoring solution offers operators opportunities to improve datacenter’s performance by identifying efficiency losses throughout the system. Determining how much additional power is needed to protect/support servers can now easily be achieved. The control of cooling, back-up power and distribution equipment is now in your hands.