KNX: From The World To You

KNX Protocol, the successor to the European Home Systems Protocol (EHS), BâtiBUS, and the European Installation Bus (EIB orInstabus), is considered to be the global open standard for device control in commercial and residential buildings. It allows building management components to communicate through a common language.

What's so significant about KNX and what are the benefits?

Well, chances are that your lighting, HVAC and audio/video systems speak different languages. Managing and monitoring these systems can be costly and time consuming. So leverage your existing infrastructure and simply implement the common language, KNX, to bring them all together.

DGBox now offers KNX to further unify your building systems.

The DGBox, with the KNX driver, is the hub of your building management system. It unifies all of the different devices and systems in your building and provides a central platform for all users. For existing installations that have a mix of KNX and other protocols, the DGBox allows all devices to interact with one another regardless of the protocol. Acquire and store data from all of your devices, and visualize all elements of your building with the DGBox.

How to implement the DGBox/KNX solution.

Simply upgrade your existing DGBox with KNX or purchase a new DGBox to immediately interact with all of your unified building management components.