Increasing Industrial Visibility

In the industrial and factory vertical, implementing necessary technology to monitor your shop-floor data and systems gives executives, manufacturers and floor managers key insights that can minimize factory anomalies, increase production rates in less time and improve overall factory processes.

With DGLux5, one has easy capability of creating real-time visibility into all assets whether it’s shop-floor, machines or production lines. Key insights like overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and total effective equipment performance allows one to truly understand machine uptime and downtime, validating whether it is the machine performance or manufacturing processes that needs to improve. Increase your industrial and factory visibility with DGLux5.


IoT Industries and Factories Software

Industrial for the IoT

Take a look at an Industrial Application, fully developed in DGLux5!

Industrial Automation Application Overview Example Industrial Automation Application KPI Example Industrial Automation Anomaly Example

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