No-Code Application Development Platform

DGLux5 is a no-code application development platform featuring a graphical data-driven toolbox to rapidly build visually rich, interactive web applications and dashboards. Leveraging data from all your sources into a single visualization platform, you can analyze, monitor and control data and analytics in real-time.



Unify All Your Data

Leverage all your data sources within a single, unified development environment. Easily modify what and how data is represented to meet changing demands.



Develop Faster Without Writing Code

Utilize WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) tools and visual block programming to build out how data, control requirements and logic sequences can be rationalized into meaningful information in your application.

Extend Your Level of Customization


Best-In-Class Design Tools

Design your own, unique graphics, pop-ups, widgets or leverage tools to apply overlays on images or equipment.


Custom Charts & Graphs

Enhance your presentation of data through customizable column charts, bar charts, scatter charts and much more.


User Actions & Effects

Allow your users to interact with your application the way you want to design it and the way they should utilize it.


Templates, Widgets & Libraries

Streamline your development workflow by templatizing layouts, categorizing widgets and customizing your workspace.

Dataflow At It's Finest

Our built-in dataflow engine allows you to build out how data and control requirements best work for your application.

Property Binding

Create relationships among objects, color, display and more based on your dynamic or historical data sets.


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