Full visibility into building performance and operations

DGLux5 for DSA are for projects and enterprises looking for interconnectivity of building systems that either have multiple BMS providers enabling a unified user interface or where no BMS is already deployed. Leveraging DSA with DGLux5 ensures IoT futureproofing by enabling you to take advantage of future DSLinks and DSA development

Open and connect to protocols, databases, applications, services

DGLux5 for DSA harnesses the DSA framework of DSBrokers and DSLinks to connect to most popular building automation protocols and systems as well as external services. This allows anyone to bring real-time and historical data into DGLux5, rationalize and visualize it. It enables access to all your data sources in a single, unified workspace. Information can be derived from numerous sources including sensors & devices, databases and social media platforms using the open source Distributed Services Architecture (DSA) framework. DSLinks are readily available for most common building protocols (such as BACnet, Modbus, OPC, SNMP) and can integrate with a number of other systems, databases and web services. New DSLinks can also be created as part of the open-source IoT-DSA project. (See iot-dsa.org for more information.)




Create a unique customized building system by aggregating & normalizing data

DSA/DGlux5 combination offers server-side dataflow for creating control logic, enabling scheduling and alarming capabilities and providing the tools for custom analytics. Analyze monitor & control device data and analytics systems in real-time with the most cutting edge visualization platform, and build visually stunning interfaces & dashboards without writing a single line of code.


Disparate data sources and assets can be displayed together in a singular, visual dashboard

Reduce time and costs in project design, create and development, and deliver stunning dashboards and applications for any touch screen display, educational kiosk, digital signage, computer or mobile device. DGLux5 maximizes efficiency and enables faster communication to significantly reduce the time and cost in project design, creation and deployment. An expansive array of graphical assets and numerous customizable charts and graphs allow for building visually rich applications rapidly, flexibly deployed on the edge or the cloud.