Full visibility into building performance and operations

Niagara is the leading building management framework, with a worldwide install base of Niagara AX and Niagara 4. It offers an enterprise solution set that is tried and tested in the building marketplace with large installed clients that have a Niagara hardware infrastructure. DGLux5 for Niagara is purpose-built to sit directly on a Jace or Supervisor through the installation of a single .dist file avoiding the need to install an additional server into an existing Niagara system.

Build Super Custom Applications Leveraging the Niagara Building Management Framework

All Niagara OEM versions are supported such as Tridium, Vykon, Distech, and Johnson FX. Once the dist is installed, no further point mapping is needed. DGLux5 offers full, immediate access to the Niagara data structures for superior visualization capabilities.

DGLux5 provides full support for Niagara Analytics as well as pre-made HTML5 modules that tie directly to Niagara Scheduling and Alarming.

*Note, the Niagara version does not support the addition of DSlinks, all data must be integrated to Niagara to be accessed by DGLux5.




Customized & Auto-scaled Solutions designed for multiple form factors (desktop, tablet and Mobile)

DGLux5 allows users to access their application with native “in-browser” loading on iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile - not a single app is required! Intelligent scaling with responsive layout ensures that every user interface is automatically optimized for any screen size to deliver optimal viewer experience on any mobile device. Access your performance data in real-time, wherever you may be in the world. Hold the power of information in the palm of your hand. Reap the benefits of being mobile and flexible without sacrificing style and functionality in your IoT visualization system.